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Control at Your Fingertips
Building a smart home or office is easier than before. It is just one-touch control via your smart device.
Scalable and Extendable
INGENIUM® ZB Gateway can connect up to 150 compatible smart devices and build a scalable and large coverage in mesh network, and we are adding more devices everyday.
Simple and Smart
Everything connected to INGENIUM® ZB Gateway will be automated. Just a few simple steps to install and get the INGENIUM® ZB Gateway ready in minutes.
Smart Living
A modern lifestyle for comfort, convenience and safety. Everything should be made as simple as possible.
Hands-free Control
Working with Amazon Alexa, you can control your lights - even easier - via voice commands.
Working with
Smart Socket Adaptor
Scene Controller
Mains Switching Module
TECOH®THx LED Light Engine
Universal Dimming Module
Dimming Module
Wall Mounted Controller
Power Socket Adaptor
Handheld Controller
Magnetic ON/OFF Sensor
9W LED Classic Bulb
PIR Sensor