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Instant Alert
Receive immediate push notifications on your smart phone if someone is breaking into your home. When the door is opened, you'll know.
React to Motion
INGENIUM® ZB Magnetic ON/OFF sensor can trigger devices or configured scenes, like programming your lights to turn on to welcome you home.
Easy to Use
It is simple to install the INGENIUM® ZB Magnetic ON/OFF Sensor on any window or door for smart control.
Multiple Uses
INGENIUM® ZB Magnetic ON/OFF Sensor can perfectly fit into various applications such as windows, main doors, gates, cabinets or even refrigerators.
Working with
Smart Socket Adaptor
Scene Controller
Mains Switching Module
TECOH®THx LED Light Engine
Universal Dimming Module
Dimming Module
Wall Mounted Controller
Power Socket Adaptor
Handheld Controller
9W LED Classic Bulb
PIR Sensor