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1 Is my device compatible with INGENIUM® BLU mobile app?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is employed in INGENIUM® BLU products, only the following devices which build in with BLE module can be supported:

iOS devices

  • Recommended iOS version 7.0 or above
  • [iPhone 4S and later, iPad (3rd generation and later), iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad Mini (all generations)]

Android devices

  • Recommended Android version 4.4.3 or above
  • [Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 7 (2013)]

*These are verified models which can perfectly work with the APP but not limited to them.

2 How do I download and install the INGENIUM® BLU mobile app?

The app is free to download and installs like other applications you may already have.

  • For iOS devices, please visit the App Store; for Android devices, please visit the Google Play Store.
  • Search for INGENIUM® BLU mobile app.
  • Download and install as you would with any other application.
3 I installed the new version of INGENIUM® BLU app. Can I still control Gen 1 lamp via the new app?
You need to go through the pairing process for Gen 1 lamps again from the new app, and then you can enjoy complete control of lighting at anytime!
4 How to use INGENIUM® BLU?
Please refer to the tutorials from the app.
5 Can I control the INGENIUM® BLU lamps from multiple devices at a time?
Upon the Gen 2 lamps, multiple smart devices are allowed within the mesh network. Therefore, if each smart device occupies one individual Gen 2 lamp to connect to, you can control the lamps via multiple devices in the same network. Yet you should control the Gen 1 lamps with one device at a time and make sure no other device is connected to the same lamp at the same time.
6 What is the maximum number of INGENIUM® BLU lamps / modules that can be connected?
You can control up to 64 lamps or devices per group and at least 8 groups  available (depends on the capability of the smart device).
7 What does the colour of the Bluetooth icon indicate for Gen 1 lamps on the app?

After pairing Gen 1 lamps, you simply press the Bluetooth icon  in dark grey to get connection, the icon flashes with green  during the connection, and become steady green when the lamp and smart device are connected.
The colour of the Bluetooth icon  shows the connection status. There are 3 statuses:

 Dark Grey
A paired lamp exists in cover area and the lamp is ready for connection. Press the Bluetooth icon to connect the lamp and smart device.

The lamp is connected and it is ready to be controlled. Press the Bluetooth icon to disconnect.

 Light Grey
The lamp does not exist in the cover area or not power on.

8 Is there a limit to the number of scenes I can create for group?

There is no limit for the number of scenes set up in the new app, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to get creative.

9 Is there a limit to the number of timers I can create for each lamp/group?

For the timer setting of INGENIUM® BLU Gen 2 lamps, you are able to schedule a maximum of 3 timers for each lamp/device and repeat it weekly.
For Gen 1 lamps, the wake up timer enables the lamp to light up from the lowest brightness to 100% brightness gradually in 5 minutes or 15 minutes. The lamp can be scheduled for one week, and one time can be set on each day.

10 How close do I need to be to control my lights?

The expected range is 10 meters. But the range is much expanded through mesh network – applicable for Gen2 devices only.

11 Does the app influence other programs on the mobile devices?

The INGENIUM® BLU app is very well behaved and won’t affect any other apps on your smart devices.

12 Do I need to connect to the internet in order to control the lamp?

The good thing about using Bluetooth is that you DO NOT need internet access in order to control the lamp. Simply install the lamp and open the INGENIUM® BLU, then you are ready to go. You do however need to make sure ‘Bluetooth’ is enabled on your device.

13 How to reset the INGENIUM® BLU lamps?
You should cycle the lamps off then on for 3 seconds a total of four times. The light should be in full brightness and it will be shown on the app. You have to go to the add-lamp page of the app to see Gen 2 lamps restored to default setting, and ready for pairing up with the smart device.
14 Why I cannot find a newly installed lamp on the mobile app? Why I cannot control the lamps via the app?

It means your device cannot make a connection to the lamp; for example if it is out of range. Please try the following steps to fix the problem:

  1. Check that power is supplied to the lamp. Try to switch off the lamp and switch on again for re-connection; or
  2. Fully close the app and restart it; or
  3. Restart your smart device

If the problem cannot be resolved after trying the above methods, please connect your suppliers for help.

15 Can I use INGENIUM® BLU lamps without any smart device?

Like any other lamps you can switch INGENIUM® BLU lamps with regular switches ON (100% luminosity with factory default setting or they will stay as the condition prior to power OFF) or switches OFF. To make full use of the Smart Lighting options, please use your smart device or remote controller.

16 The INGENIUM® BLU Gen 1 lamp is unable to connect to my smart device with Android 7.0.X. How can I fix it?

We have notice such connection issue for INGENIUM® BLU Gen 1 lamp with Android 7.0.X. This is due to some code changes in the OS and earlier versions were not affected. We understand that a fix for this is scheduled in Android 7.1.1 which is not released at the moment. We shall provide update in the Q&A area when a final fix is available.